Worker’s Comp

workers compensation

Worker’s comp is a type of insurance mandatory for any Florida business with more than four employees.   It provides compensation to employees hurt by work related injuries, and protects employers from lawsuits.  Some of the benefits include providing assistance with medical bills, lost wages, the cost of traveling to doctors appointments, and even medical […]

Slip & Fall


Millions of people every year are injured when they slip and fall.  The people most susceptible to falling are the elderly.  According to the Journal of American geriatrics society, over 50 billion dollars was spent on medical costs in 2015 from injuries related to falls.  Florida is a shared fault state when it comes to […]

Donation to the schools in Tampa

Our community

Attorney C.J. Czaia has also committed to various schools in the Tampa Bay area. Donating to the schools directly has a direct impact on the learning of each individual student, providing resources that are desperately needed. Most of Attorney Czaia’s efforts are concentrated on minority communities that are underfunded.