Donation to the schools in Tampa

Attorney C.J. Czaia has also committed to various schools in the Tampa Bay area. Donating to the schools directly has a direct impact on the learning of each individual student, providing resources that are desperately needed. Most of Attorney Czaia’s efforts are concentrated on minority communities that are underfunded.

Manasota Soccer Club

Attorney C.J. Czaia has been an avid sports supporter over the years. His support for one of the area’s biggest soccer clubs, that allows otherwise underprivileged children to play and to compete at the local and state level supports his passion for community and to his commitment to our children, our future.

Local community sponsorships

Local Community Sponsorships

Attorney C.J. Czaia has also sponsored the Manatee County Rural Health Services with their annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of action event, wherein hundreds of local people had access to free medical, dental and vision screenings along with access to a plethora of local resources.